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Why settle for a ticketing provider that just fulfills the ticket demand you create? When your event is on the Geotix Network, you don’t have to go it alone. From local event promotion and local social media posts to event syndication across the network we can increase your event’s exposure, expand the number of sites from which people can purchase your tickets, and increase your SEO rankings on the major search engines.


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You market your events to your universe, perhaps buy a few ads on social media or search engines and maybe do direct mail. That’s a start.

The Geotix network has the tools and power that you need to fulfill your ticket demand. With our 80+ media partners, and over 4,000 event listing sites, we can take you further. We can boost your events and connect you to other local markets where you can find new ticket buyers (and they can find you)… 

Our boost algorithm selects the optimal number of sites based on the nature of your event, your demographic and your location, then syndicates your event to those select (i.e. relevant) sites so it is discovered by more buyers. Your “Get Tickets” button on more sites = more sales.

“We love using Red Pin Tix for our Craft Beer Throwdown because it makes check-in so streamlined, and it’s also a great deal to get free promotion on the website and email blasts. […] We’re grateful to partner with LEO Weekly to spread the word about our events and further our mission!

Melissa Kratzer

Coalition for the Homeless

“…  the results were fantastic! My North not only provided us with the mechanism to sell tickets but worked in several ways to help promote and drive ticket sales. As a result, our airshow sold more online tickets than it had previously ever sold before.

Matt Barresi

Wings Over Northern Michigan Airshow

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Media company? Blog? Event listing site? Event calendar?

By joining the Geotix Network and helping our event creators sell more tickets, you can grow diverisy and grow your revenue, your brand, and audience while creating exciting new partnerships that will take your business to new heights.


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