Your audience Already comes to you for events

Now sell them the ticket!

The Benefits

GeoTix was born out of a local media company after we realized that, while everyone came to us to find out what was going on in our region, all our content promptly sent buyers to purchase from national ticket sellers. Why not eliminate the middle man? We did. And now you can, too. You have the audience, the content, the commitment to community and local access to all the event organizers. Selling the ticket through content links and your branded local ticket portal brings a brand new revenue stream, thousands of emails, relationships with organizations of every kind and increased value associated with your brand.

With GeoTix, you will:

Grow Revenue

Looking for ways to diversify beyond advertising dollars? GeoTix lets you leverage your existing relationships and audience by weaving ticket sales into all your content and providing a local platform to market and sell tickets to your community’s events.

Capture Emails and Data

Two things you can never have enough of as a media company! GeoTix’s system automatically acquires the info you need to strengthen your marketing campaigns and identify trends in your local market together.

Increase Traffic

With GeoTix, your event listings will come to life with direct ticketing links. Your audience will respond to the ease of buying the ticket right from your content. Your branded ticket portal site will build a following all its own. And your community will value you as their trusted local ticketing authority.

Build Your Brand

You already have the credibility and trust of your audience to deliver information on events of all kinds. Now build upon that by delivering the ease of purchase to your audience as well as an enviable partnership with organizations of all kinds in your community.

don't send your audience elsewhere to buy

connect what they find with what they need

truly monetize your content

How It Works

GeoTix’s local ticketing platform is specially designed for local media companies like yours. You sell the organizations and our easy yet robust, management-minimal technology drives traffic and sales for you and your ticketing organizations. Ticketing is free to the organizations and customers pay the traditional service fee. You keep the fee rather than sending that sale off to a national seller. GeoTix keeps a small fee from the customer fee. That's it!

Here's how it works:

Implement Our Technology

GeoTix is a totally turnkey solution for regional ticketing that’s built for local media sites. We promise that implementation will take a surprisingly minimal amount of effort and resources, and that you’ll be ready to rock in no time.

Partner With Your Organizations

You already have a ready-made list of potential organizations. You’ve been working with your community, and you know the players. Now all you have to do is present local ticketing as the obvious next step in working together.

Sell Those Tickets

Once everything’s set up, you’ll be fully equipped to start selling tickets. And after seeing how great your marketing capabilities are— and how easy the system is to use—local organizations will wonder how they ever threw events without you.


Ticketing is free to your organizations. Ticket buyers cover a small online convenience fee (they’re used to that)— which goes directly to you. And you have a customer relationship on which to build all aspects of your brand!

It's Your Region

Ticket To All The Events

That Make Your City Tick

Why You?

Because you dominate your local media market, you believe in celebrating the awesomeness of your region, and you’re looking for an innovative, smart way to grow both your digital portfolio and revenue not dependent on advertising dollars.

  • You have the audience.
  • You have the content.
  • You have the products that engage and inspire, from print to digital.
  • You are as committed to the success of events in your community as the org.
  • You are right down the street for customer support and training.
  • All the money stays in your community.
  • It's a great deal! The merchant fee you offer is the best around.
  • Here are just some of the kinds of events you will ticket for:

  • Concerts
  • Tradeshows
  • Charities
  • Productions
  • Performances
  • Fairs
  • Fundraisers
  • Sceenings
  • School Events
  • Galas

Our Bells and Whistles

Will Make You Want To Cheer



Lets you see top-level ticket sales data at a glance with graphs, stats and more.

Powerful Reporting

Allows your organizations and your company to collect and sort customer data

Seamless Branding

Keeps your online ticket sales pages consistent with the rest of your website.

Easy To Use

Tech-savvy or not, GeoTix is easy to use because it was built for clients like yours.

Take A Look Inside GeoTix

We Believe

Local Communities Make The Best Hosts

Who We Are

GeoTix is the brainchild of MyNorth Media, a Michigan-based company that started as a regional magazine publisher in 1981. MyNorth Media knows the value of creating products—in print, online and in video—and tools that empower local communities to make it easier to celebrate all that a city or region has to offer. That commitment led to the launch of MyNorthTickets, a revolutionary concept in the ticketing world: One local ticket portal that everyone in our region visits to buy tickets to local events—and who better to create and manage that portal than a local media company already committed to connecting audiences to great events? The benefit to our audience and organizations alike are obvious: No more having to visit several national ticketing sites to track down tickets to local events.

Because MyNorthTickets is so successful—and because we believe communities everywhere should have a local ticket portal—we created GeoTix. This software and the ticket sites it powers allows media companies like yours to celebrate your city or region in a new way, to partner with local organizations, schools, nonprofits, festivals and more, and to provide your audience and community an easy way to buy tickets to local events.

Check Out A Successful GeoTix Local Ticket Portal!

In just three years MyNorthTickets has seen amazing success. Take a look at the stats below:

Increase Revenue:

  • Revenue growth of 127% in only 3 years.
  • Processes, on average, more than 80,000 tickets and 2 million in ticket revenue annually.
  • Started with 3 organizations and now have ticketed for over 180.

Gather Emails And Data:

  • Generated over 45,000 new emails.

Generate Traffic:

  • Averages roughly 30,000 sessions during peak months and 3.63 pages per visit.

Expand Brand:

  • Solidifies our company's position as the place to come to find the best ways to engage with and enjoy our region.


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